Clowntown Oscar Pool  
Previous Winners
2007 Oscars
bullet Rules are basic: Pick the winners and get points. Points are based on the odds. Meaning a long shot will get you more points than the frontrunner (if you're right of course). This will also let you know who has the best chance of winning. Bottomline: less points means best chance at winning.
bullet Those receiving the most points will win the grand prize. ~60%
bullet The person who makes the most correct picks will get a prize as well. ~25%
bullet The Obidinski Futility Award for the least amount of points wins a prize too. ~money back
bullet If we have enough entries, we can have 2nd or 3rd place earn some cash as well.
bullet Oscar Watch is a good site for rumors and odds 
bullet $10 Entry Fee
bullet Previous Winners

And Back by popular demand is the DOUBLE POINTS TIME SLOT.  From 10 PM to 10:20 PM EST*** (as per Time Warner time all points will be doubled in whatever categories are awarded.



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Most Points
Paul 130
Joe 113
Zizza 110
Matt 100
Fred 95
Ed Madruga 73
Pat 65
Mike K. 65
Nicole 65
Kelly 65
Ed 60
Epps 40
J Goo 35


Most Correct Picks
Paul** 19
Joe 18
Matt 18
Zizza 15
Fred 15
Ed Madruga 12
Nicole 12
Kelly 12
Pat 10
Mike K. 9
Ed 9
Epps 7
J Goo 6

** Ineligible to win Most Correct Picks after winning most points