Clowntown Oscar Pool  

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Muller Wins Again, Herring Wins 2nd, PAUL is once again the best as the worst
Another photo finish for the Clowntown Oscar pool. The night got off to a predictable start with Jennifer Connelly, who was picked by most, but not, of course, by Paul. After three rounds Stacy Rose was in the lead with 11 points. After some shocking picks-- Thoth winning for Documentary Short!-- the leader was Matt Minucci... and we were all thinking, "Oh no, not again". But after the controversial double points slot (whose return will debated in the owner's committee) the leader was none other than Justin "Sonny" Harper with 30 points.
His lead would fade quick after picking Best Score for Lord of the Rings. He would not get another category correct. Team Coury, after a slow start, managed to get back in the race, but it was too late. It became a three way race between J Goo, Fred Muller, and Brian Herring. With Best Picture to go it was down to Brian and Muller. Muller had Rings and Brian had Moulin Rouge. Well, they were both wrong, but Muller had the one point lead and once again, won the pool by one point. I know, everyone is screaming foul play, well, I have your money and there's nothing you can do, except perhaps cane me into a coma-- please feel free.
As for last place, it was down between Mari Muller and PAUL. Paul did win again. Tying his record for least correct picks-- 3. Mari Muller was shocked at Paul's picks, subtley accusing  him of trying to pick the losers in each category. "He should be ashamed of himself," Muller said. Ironically, Paul performed the best of everyone in the documentary and short categories, picking 3 of 4 correctly.
We might look into rules for next year concerning the selection of picks with the intention of getting the wrong. With back to back wins, PAUL's picks are simply too terrrrible to believe. Egregious!
Most Points Most Picks
  1. Fred Muller 55
  2. Brian Herring 54
  3. Jeremy Hilts 49
  4. Eric Maher 46
  5. Mike Zizza 44
  6. Dave and Ben Coury 44
  7. Stacy Rose 43
  8. Sonny Harper 37
  9. Joe Muller 37
  10. Erin Muller 36
  11. Matt Minucci 33
  12. Nicole Madruga 32
  13. Phil Hargis 28
  14. Pat Muller 26
  15. Mari Muller 20
  16. Paul Obidinski 9
  1. Brian Herring 13 (winner)
  2. Fred Muller 13
  3. Jay Goo (hand symbol) 12
  4. Ben and Dave Coury 11
  5. Stacy Rose 11
  6. Eric Maher 11
  7. Mike Zizza 10
  8. Sonny Harper 9
  9. Matt Minucci 9
  10. Erin Muller 9
  11. Joe Muller 9
  12. Nicole Madruga 8
  13. Pat Muller 7
  14. Phil Hargis 7
  15. Mari Muller 4
  16. Paul Obidinski 3