Clowntown Oscar Pool  

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Paul "WINS" Again, LA Matt Scores First Again,
Amely Nabs First Oscar Pool Prize

It was the closest Oscar Pool race in Clowntown history, as five members were in a virtual dead heat going into the last four categories. With the script categories to go, LA Matt, J Goo, Amely, Nicole and Clownding Father Pat were all within a few points. With many picking My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it was no surprise that only one got Original Script correctly. The surprise was that it was Paul who picked it right. The Pianist also surprised most everyone, save for first time entrant, Michelle Losino of Guilderland.

Finally it was down between Amely, Matt and Pat for the big prize as Best Director was announced. Amely had Scorcese, Pat had Marshall and Matt had rapist Polanski. Figures Matt would pick the guy that likes to have sex with children. Anyway, Polanski won and since everyone had Chicago for Best Picture, LA Matt won again for the 2nd time in four years.

The night was full of missed picks, as there were many surprises. Chicago was expected to sweep and failed to do so, although it did get a solid 6 wins. This resulted in one of the lowest scoring in Clowntown Oscar Pool lore, with 12 correct picks taking first prize.

Last minute entrant Mike Zizza (picked one hour before the start) was… inconsequential and ended up in the middle of the pack. Two time defending champ Clownding Father Fred gave Paul a run for last place, as did Clowntown Movie Clownic Sonn Dogg, but it was once again Paul taking home last place. His picks for Gangs of New York as Best Picture and Diane Lane for Actress were two of the more egregious picks that he mad. I think he would have booed off the stage too.


Rank Player Points   Player Correct Picks
1. LA Matt 72 1. Amely 12
2. Amely Moore 63 2. LA Matt 12
3. Pat Muller 62 3. Nicole Madruga 11
4. J Goo 59 3. J Goo 11
4. Nicole Madruga 59 5. Michelle Losino 10
6. Michelle Losino 54 5. Pat Muller 10
7. Joe Muller 50 7. Joe Muller 9
8. Mari Muller 42 8. Mari Muller 8
9. Brian Herring 38 9. Fred Muller 7
10. Fred Muller 37 9. Mike Zizza 7
11. Mike Zizza 36 9. Brian Herring 7
12. Sonn Dogg 32 12. Erin Muller 6
13. Erin Muller 27 12. Sonn Dogg 6
14. Paul Obidinski 15 14. Paul Obidinski 3