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2009 Tiger Woods Chesley Sullenberger Tender NYS Governor David Paterson Handicapping the Clownies 2009
2008 Paulson/Wall St/Bernanke Barack Obama Mega Regards Oneonta Daily Star Letter To Megamillions by Ghimraab
2007 Nicolas Cage The Nap Bacon Insettas and Counsel Top 50 Creepiest 80s Songs by Ghimraab
2006 Tom Cruise Paul Obidinski Retirement Pat Muller Retirement Now - Paul Obidinski
2005 Cindy Sheehan The Burger King Poppycock Fred Muller Ten Points of Clowness
by Xavier
2004 Ricky Williams Ronald Reagan Gay Scott Barnes Handicapping the Clownies - 2004
by Xavier
2003 France U.S. Soldier Indeed Shane Gregory Stupid Concept of Work
Paaaaul and Ghimraab
2002 Michael Jackson Chief Moose Smarmy Citizens Alternative Voice Handicapping the Clownies - 2002
by Xavier
2001 Vince McMahon George W. Bush Egregious Shane Gregory JoeX Sports
by Xavier