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B.S. In Eco Babble From  

The Clowntown University


November/December 2009 -- Climategate!!

The scientists chickens... have come home..... to roost!


the hoax of global warming

 Space ring to save global warming

 Oceans will save global warming

 The Ozone Hole, Beyond Our Control -- Ecco Babbles studies commentary from Maha Rushie

The Debate: Global Warming

Homer has the inside scoop on Global Warming from his days as a snitch in episode GABF08. "I heard it's a bunch of crap...."

Yes. Global Warming will result in devastating climate changes that would disrupte the welfare of the earth and mankind

No. Cleaning the environment is one thing, but global warming causing global catastrophes? No.

302:GEOG  Geology and Politics: An interactive course
with analysis on the destruction of ice and penguins
due to Repbulican Ideology

                   COURSE SYLIBI

This course will demonstrate how Republicans are
destroying the ecological biosphere for Ice and
Penguins. In particular we will examine the role that
King George Bush I and King George W II the FoolBrain
have eradicated the earth, and in particular

Assigned reading:
Ice and Penguins:A History, by Dick Page

The Republicans and the Devil: A Religious Connection with Satan, by Gary.O. Greene

George Bush and Enviornmental Policy, and other assinine rantings, By Al Clown

How Ice Melts When its Warm, by a Five year old

Where Will the Penguins Go?, by PETA

Videos- The Iceburg That Shouldn't Be - National Geographic Videos

No More Penguinville for my Baby: A Mother Penguin's Rage- Lifetime

The Rights of Ice: Where is the Justice? - CNN

GRADE- Will be based on class discussion (AKA complete silence) Two class projects 
and Three exams. Please
make sure that all presentations and tests signify the following:
          A) Repbulicans are evil.
          B) The enviornment is taking a big shit, and it's our fault.
          C) That Al Gore & Nancy Pelosi are the two greatest human beings ever. 

(Please note that this entire sylibus is bullshit, and that the only thing you'll have to do
is show up to class wearing the worst clothes you own and that all
grades will be based on take home tests after you complain that the class is too hard.) 
217:LATN Latin American Studies: Discover how the
United States is an awful, evil country and takes
advantage of Third World Nations in its attempt to be
Westernize the Earth.

263:ERSD American Politics and Energy Policy: Learn how the evil Republicans plan to destroy the world, as the wonderful, thoughtful Democrats try to stop them.
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Give the Earth a hug today.

Make sure the big and evil corporations do not have any rights and money. How DARE they make a profit!!!! They should be developing hydrogen engines, and light bulbs that operate off of the energy of good feelings. 

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Stop it now! Refuse to use products of our technological society! Walk to work! Walk to the store. Walk to the doctor's office. Use candles for lighting. Use the woods as your bathroom, store meat under ground to keep it cool-- in fact, don't eat meat because meat was once-- GULP-- an animal!